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Hands-On Gatlinburg

April 17, 2022
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This month, come get to know East Tennessee's art community a little bit better. Whether you're a professional artist or simply an art admirer, you'll love Hands-On Gatlinburg's exclusive art class offerings! 


Photo from https://www.gatlinburg.com/event/hands-on-gatlinburg/5/ 

Hands-On Gatlinburg is an immersive three-day adventure, in which guests are invited to learn technical art skills from the Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community. This community boasts the largest group of independent artisans in North America. Their specialties range from painting to soap-making! Interested in learning a new skill? Here are the classes you can take: 


Photo from https://www.gatlinburg.com/event/hands-on-gatlinburg/5/ 

Make it Magic: Learn stained glass basics and create your own angel piece. Learn to cut glass using a glasscutter, use a soldering iron to attach pieces, use a glass grinder, and wrap glass with soft lead came. 

Smokies Edge: Learn how to make arrowheads from flint using tradition hand tools.

A. Jann Peitso Art: Dr. Wood's Little Tin Box of Mountain Memories. Paint and fill your own mountain memory box. 

Firefly Glass Studio: Create your own spoon rest. Decorate a 6” glass circle with  art glass to make a one of a kind spoon rest. 

Cliff Dwellers Gallery: Square Storage Basket. Make a 9' square basket with a solid bottom using reed, assembled in traditional Appalachian style. 

Make a gourd birdhouse. Use acrylics to paint a cleaned and drilled gourd into a fabulous birdhouse. 


Photo from https://www.gatlinburg.com/event/hands-on-gatlinburg/5/ 

Create a pair of Earrings using UV resin. Learn a UV resin technique combined with Glitter Rox or Washi Tape to create earrings that you'll love.

Make your own hand marbled scarf. Choose your favorite colors and pattern and then create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind marbled scarf.

Basket Weaving Basics. Learn basket weaving basics and make a small napkin basket. 

Paint a small canvas scene. Learn to paint a 4X4 wrapped canvas with a pretty mountain scene.

Sticks and Bones. Using basic forging techniques, make a linked bracelet or necklace. 

Rings, Rings, Rings. Make 3 styles of rings in one day. Learn how to anneal, texture, and form 2 styles of adjustable rings out of copper or bronze.


Photo from https://www.gatlinburg.com/event/hands-on-gatlinburg/5/ 

Raku & Horsehair Vases. Create your own horsehair or Raku Vase, using a bisque fired vase that you can glaze with either copper patina turquoise crackle or white crackle glaze. 

The Art of Seat Weaving. Learn how to put a new seat on an old chair or footstool. Weave the traditional herringbone pattern on a small footstool.

Black Bear Crafts: The Crack Pot Snowmen. Learn to base-coat and dry brush adorable snowmen.

Fall Impression Pumpkin. Learn to base-coat and dry brush a fall pumpkin.

Mummy Gnome Light. Learn to base-coat and dry brush a mummy gnome light.

Piggy Bank. Unleash your creative side as you paint a cute ceramic piggy bank. 

Two Faced Snowman Light. Learn to base-coat and dry brush a snowman light.

Don't miss this series of excellent events, taking place April 29 - May 1, 2022. All classes include supplies and instruction. To reserve space in a class, visit https://www.gatlinburg.com/event/hands-on-gatlinburg/5/

Which art class sounds fun to you? Let us know in the comments! 

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