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Smoky Mountain Coffee Shops

January 10, 2021
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Cozy mountain vacations and warm cups of coffee go hand-in-hand. Something about mountain air and skylines full of lush greenery makes coffee taste better than it ever has before. This pairing is absolutely perfect. If you've been to Gatlinburg, the chances are good that you've stopped at one of the many coffee stands around town. You may have missed some of the other coffee shops around the Smoky Mountains, though! Here are some of my favorite coffee shops to visit while I'm exploring the majesty of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 

The Artistic Bean 

The Artistic Bean is located right in the heart of the Smokies, in Townsend, TN! They roast their own small-batch coffee and serve it up hot and fresh. You can't go wrong with any order at The Artistic Bean- everything tastes good! 

Little River Coffee Company

Little River Coffee Company is a new coffee shop and small-batch roaster in Townsend, TN. Their homey shop has excellent coffee and a warm atmosphere. As a bonus, their mugs make awesome gifts! 

Qualla Java

Qualla Java is a Native-owned coffee shop in Cherokee, NC that roasts their own free-trade, organic Colombian coffee. Enjoy their delicious coffee while you gaze upon the riverfront in the back, or sit inside and take advantage of the awesome sense of community that Qualla has managed to impart in downtown Cherokee. 

Coffee and Company

Coffee and Company is a coffee shop in the foothills of. the Smokies, right on the parkway in Gatlinburg, TN. They've been operating since 1993, and for good reason- their coffee is a community staple, and it is downright tasty! Their cozy vibes will make you feel right at home. 

The Donut Friar 

The Donut Friar is tucked away on the parkway in Gatlinburg, TN. They are known for their donuts- which have been rated on Yelp as the best donuts in Tennesee- but they also have awesome coffee. This little shop will keep you coming back time and time again for a sweet treat and a yummy caffeine boost! 

Think we missed something? Tell us about your favorite Smoky Mountain coffee shop in the comments! 

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